The HYPER MANIC NOIZE PODCAST is a wild ride through the minds of comedians, musicians & interesting characters. It's dark, dirty & bloody hilarious: A platter of uncensored hysteria, with a side of poached wiener jokes.

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The Hyper Manic Noize Podcast is hosted by Comedian Douglas Harvey.

After spending years as the front man for heavy metal outfit Enlightened By Darkness (QLD), Douglas threw his belongings in a van & moved to Perth (Western Australia); where he's been performing stand up comedy since 2013.

He's had the honour of being feature act for Brian Posehn (USA), appeared at Southbound Festival (WA), countless Fringe World appearances & has even performed stand up as the opener for death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder (USA).

As an award nominated musician, Douglas blends tales of his crazy life with the Rock N Roll ethos & performs an eclectic style of traditional stand up and musical comedy.

This podcast is about getting to know interesting people. Be they musicians, comedians, engineers, artists or people who eat toenails. It's always funny, honest, damn entertaining, features music from the guests & a bunch of nonsense from the internet. 

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