Welcome to The show

Welcome to the Hyper Manic Noize Podcast, with TWO KILLER episodes to kick sh#t off with a BANG.

[E01] Features Simone Springer who's an author, comedian, radio host & the owner of the stores Burlesque Baby & Mame Clothing. We had an amazing time & it was great to sit down & get to know such an interesting & talented person.

[E02] Features the f#cking hilarious Mick Gledhill. Mick was a soldier for almost 20 years who now spends his time crushing it as a comedian all over Western Australia. This episode was beyond hysterical & I can't wait to have him back on the show again!

Thanks for the support, I can't wait to share Hyper Manic Noize with you all. There are some AMAZING episodes coming up in the following weeks.

Stay Metal. Praise Xenu. Hail Satan.

Douglas Harvey